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Solid Explorer 2.0 Beta v150519.L.4 FULL

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Beta v150519.L.4 FULL

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: This is Solid Explorer 2.0 Beta




This is Solid Explorer 2.0 Beta. Please read this text before using the application to avoid any potential problems. This is not a complete product so you should be careful while playing with it.



The application will crash from time to time. This is normal and the more crashes, the better. 

Performing operations on files without a backup is highly discouraged. Please be careful with that. I don't take any resposibility for lost files.

Do not modify system files needed for proper OS functionality. If you want to play with root access, create a temporary direcory in safe place and use it as your playground.



There are two ways of sharing your feedback.


1. Post ideas and suggestions on support forum.

If you have any cool ideas or suggestions, post them on the support forum rather than send an emd1 a good place for discussion. There is a shortcut in app menu, which will take you to this site.


2. Report bugs with in-app option.

For bug reports, please use the "Send bug report" option in app menu. It's available in the drawer or the bottom toolbar. This is a recommended way of contact in case of any problems. It will automatically attach logs and device information and send them via email. You are free to include any additional data in the message. You can also post it on the support forum, but please do it only after sending the report message first.


Known issues

The application is not complete. Missing features from old Solid Explorer will be added during further development.

The application may crash during archive creation.

You may experience some UI stutters and glitches you wouldn't except.


Have fun!





- updated translations

- minor bug fixes


- fixed critical bug causing existing folder to be deleted during copy or move

- updated translations


- fixed HTML file handling in text editor

- updated translations

- minor bug fixes


This app has no advertisements


More Info:


Download Instructions: TRIAL removed | Google Drive working!!!



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