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MyInsane 30 Cardio Tracker v1.11

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MyInsane 30 Cardio Tracker v1.11

Requirements: 4.1 and up 

Overview: MyInsane 30 Cardio Tracker is a fully functional digital notebook that helps you track your Insane 30 minute workouts . Hit it! Track It! Print it!




MyInsane 30 Cardio Tracker is structured around the day. You can access everything in your Profile - scheduled workout, meal planner, and water tracker. Yes, there's a daily water tracker!




- MAX schedule,

- AB schedule,

- meal planner style tracking

- a daily weight/bodyfat diary (US Navy Method) - add a quick note - export your weight report.

- a daily water tracker (calculates oz and mL) - choose from various size water bottles



Focus Pointsâ„¢ - Track your progress!

~ Record your measurements: Neck, Chest, Arm R/L, Waist, Hips, Thigh R/L, and weight. Fat comes off your body proportionally so why not track both left and right extremities?

~ Total Measurements: Automatically calculates/tracks measurements to show overall change from Day 0 --> Day 56

~ Add photos to every measurement day!



Share your progress! Share your stats, your photos, your daily workouts! Completed a workout? Tweet it! All hash tagged up and ready to go! While in that app screen click your device's menu button and share.



Meal Plan - Control your meal!

~ Add your Current Weight and Calorie Level in Settings and you're off! All calculations are done for you!

~ The meal planner is not the typical container tally sheet. It allows you to focus on the individual meal items you eat throughout the day. Add the containers that make up each meal item. Container calculations are based on the meal items not just the meal.


The Modern Pen and Paper Companyâ„¢

Creating apps that save more than time!



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