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SnapTube - YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.51.1.4511101 [Vip]

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SnapTube - YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.51.1.4511101 [Vip]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: SnapTube - The downloader videos and music easier from YouTube.



MP4 videos are available in resolutions: choose the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition 720 pixels.

Download any YouTube music video directly as an MP3 file. No extra encoding process or plugin needed. Save space and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.

Search a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want.

Explore videos in your favorite categories like Music and Movies. Discover new videos with recommended lists from our curators.

Pause, cancel or resume a video download. Delete the videos you don't need anymore. Manage all of your video downloads in one place.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: [caolor=#FF0000]Ads removed | No need to install VIP AdBlock | No forced ads on exit[/color]


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      Video Player Pro v6.2.2.3 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Search Tracks , Album , Artist , mp3 files , video files , songs playlist , search Media folders , Create playlist , set ringtone , equalizer , music library are the features of Rocks Player .

      *Mp3 Player
      *Music Player
      *MP4 player
      *Bass Boost and Virtualizer
      *Search Tracks , Album , Artist , mp3 files , video files , songs playlist , search Media folders , Create playlist , set ringtone , equalizer , music library are the features of Rocks Player .
      Rocks Music Player is specially for music addict person who knows the value of sound .
      Quick search all music and audio files make it different from others.It is easy to support all music & audio file formats, automatic dominate color background skin.
      One of the most gorgeous and powerful music player for Android!
      Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily .This audio player supports almost all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats
      Rocks Music Player is easy to access music player from wearable device make it most valuable music player.
      You can manage your musics easily, Search feature helps to find all the music in your phone in simple listings.
      You can get list of songs folder wise .This music player is not only based on artists, albums but also based on the folder structure.
      Automatic background skins to make your music player look more outstanding, and these also make your music player get the next level experience.
      Control of all feature in single with pagination feature in which user can swipe to interact with Playlist , Songs List , Album , Artist and Folder of all tracks.
      Key Features :
      * Support with Wearable Device . Easy to access music player from wearable device.
      * Browse and play your music by playlists, songs, artist, albums, folders, and album artists.
      * Notification STATUS support: display album artwork, title and artist, play/pause, skip forward and stop CONTROLS in notification status.
      * Set music as a tone for your choice, or you can change it.
      * Gorgeous background skins, automatically creation of images background .
      * Headset support. Support one button and multiple buttons headsets. Leave your device in the pocket!
      * Music Library wide SEARCH.
      * Custom Playlist, set albums, artists, genres, folders songs to playlist
      * Show recent play list
      * Equalizer enable with virtuallizer and Bass feature.
      * Search interface to get favorite songs
      * Auto play when user inert headset
      * Settings to control Headset settings
      * Rocking Music Player with share feature
      * Video and Audio songs in single android application and Video Player
      To get real experience of feature , feel free to install and enjoy Rocks Player in easy way.
      We have always believed that music player experience can be something more. This is exactly why we have created this Rocks player.
      Rocks player is the best Audio player application for android devices.
      Please Note: This is a music player,not a music downloader .
      It is a simple yet stylish music player for android.
      Video Player Pro APK
      WHAT'S NEW
      Dual audio support for videos
      Gradient theme with multiple colors
      Playback speed controller on the video player screen(0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x speed )
      Cropping feature in Albums Section
      Brightness and volume control made simple and easy to use.
      Improved performance
      Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
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      NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.15.0 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: the lightweight YouTube experience for Android

      Do you like watching videos on YouTube but looking for a simple app to do that?
      NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.
      Lightweight YouTube frontend that's supposed to be used without the proprietary YouTube-API or any of Google's (proprietary) play-services. NewPipe only parses the YouTube website in order to gain the information it needs.
      Main Features:
      • YouTube Videos
      Simple way to watch videos from the site and use its features.
      • Extended Privacy
      Does not use the YouTube API nor the Google Play Services.
      • Background Player
      Use other apps with no hassle while it plays your favourite songs.
      • Download Media
      Simply download YouTube videos or audio to your device.
      • Subscriptions
      Never miss new content from your favourite channels.
      • History
      Go back in time and enjoy your favourites again.
      • Open Source
      How it works is not a secret. Go and check it on GitHub.
      • Free
      You get the whole thing for free. No in-app purchases or ads either.
      What's new
      ATTENTION: This version is propably a bugfest, just like the last one. However doe to the full shutdown since the 17. a broken version is better then no version. Right? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
      downloaded files can now be opened with one click #1879
      drop support for android 4.1 - 4.3 #1884
      remove old player #1884
      remove streams from current play queue by swiping them to the right #1915
      remove auto queued stream when a new stream is enqueued manually #1878
      Postprocessing for downloads and implement missing features #1759 by @kapodamy
      Post-processing infrastructure
      Proper error handling "infrastructure" (for downloader)
      Queue instead of multiple downloads
      Move serialized pending downloads (.giga files) to app data
      Implement max download retry
      Proper multi-thread download pausing
      Stop downloads when swicthing to mobile network (never works, see 2nd point)
      Save the thread count for next downloads
      A lot of incoherences fixed
      Fix crash with default resolution set to best and limited mobile data resolution #1835
      pop-up player crash fixed #1874
      NPE when trying to open background player #1901
      Fix for inserting new streams when auto queuing is enabled #1878
      Fixed the decypering shuttown issue
      ★★★ MOD ★★★
      Languages: en, ru (supplemented by me)
           Graphics deeply optimized applications
           Optimized application manifest
           Application renamed YouTube Video / YouTube Video
           Hidden Licenses tab
           Signature changed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credit Alex.Strannik
    • By caffeine
      Video Editor : Video Effect, Photo To Video & More v5.0 [ad-free]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Video Editor : Video Effect, Photo To Video & More
      Photo Video Maker With Music, Video Effects Editor, Slow Motion & Fast Motion

      Bringing you the best ever Video Editor app with functions like Photo Video Maker With Music, Video Effects Editor, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Trim Video Audio Video Merger and Audio Extract. Add Text to Video along with stickers, Effects and more. Make your Video interesting with this Video Editor or Video Effects Editor App.
      1. Video Effects Editor :- Video Effects Editor or Video Editor function allows you to add Text to Video along with effects, stickers and more. This Video Editor feature makes your video a lot more interesting.
      2. Video Slideshow Maker or Photo Video Maker With Music :- Video Slideshow Maker or Photo Video Maker With Music helps you convert your photos into a slideshow video and add music and effects to it. Being user friendly, Video Slideshow Maker or Photo Video Maker With Music is a simple tool to create and share your photos in a video format with your loved ones.
      3. Slow Motion :- Play your video in Slow Motion via this feature.
      4. Fast Motion :- Play your video in Fast Motion via this feature.
      5. Trim Video :- If you have been wanting to trim your video to be able to share it with easy and this Trim Video feature is surely meant for you.
      6. Audio Video Merger :- Have you ever wanted to add a different Audio to your video? This Audio Video Merger allows you to add different Audio to your video.
      7. Audio Extract :- Audio Extract allows you to Extract Audio from a video and be able to share the audio file.
      Download the all new Video Editor app for FREE!!
      What's New
      Minor Bugs Fixed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      SnapTube - YouTube Downloader HD Video Final v4.57.0.4571210 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: SnapTube - The downloader videos and music easier from YouTube.

      MP4 videos are available in resolutions: choose the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition 720 pixels.
      Download any YouTube music video directly as an MP3 file. No extra encoding process or plugin needed. Save space and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.
      Search a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want.
      Explore videos in your favorite categories like Music and Movies. Discover new videos with recommended lists from our curators.
      Pause, cancel or resume a video download. Delete the videos you don't need anymore. Manage all of your video downloads in one place.
      ★★★ MOD VIP ★★★
      Ads removed;
      No need to install VIP AdBlock Key;
      Disabled Unwanted Permissions (Read Phone State, Read Contacts, Outgoing Calls);
      All ads and services calls from activity removed or disabled;
      You can choose any favorite player;
      View in landscape when needed;
      No forced shortcuts;
      Analytics removed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      GetTube - YouTube Downloader & Player v0.9-alpha4 [AdFree]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: GetTube is YouTube downloader that let you download videos from YouTube in any quality ranging from 144p to 4K, directly into your android device.

      HOW TO USE
      This app is really easy to use, it has in-built YouTube browser. Just press download button while you are watching videos under "YouTube" tab. At that moment you can select the video quality you want to download. It has many different resolution options adapted to the different Android devices compatible with the application.
      Alternatively, if you watch more and download less, you can share the link from official YouTube app and select GetTube, it will start the download process.
      Supports downloading ALL resolutions including 1080p, 1440p and 4K
      Supports downloading Audio Only [in AAC (M4A), Vorbis, or Opus format] in ALL bitrates
      Supports downloading subtitles for the videos
      Supports downloading age restricted videos (requires login in in-app browser)
      Supports downloading video in VP9 codec/WebM Format (Enable in Settings)
      Supports downloading 60fps video
      GetTube offers advanced fast download mode (multi-threading download) for maximum speeds
      Option to select audio quality manually while downloading DASH videos.
      Option to Pause or Resume download at a single click
      Fast Download Mode (multi-thread downloading) has three modes:
      Classic, Smart (like IDM) and Pieces (like Torrent client)
      What's new:
      * re-add support for android kitkat and below (for this alpha)
      * faster app launching (it may take a while on first run), pre-build the uris
      * fix crashes: when selecting download location from playlist screen
      * bug fix: auto rename fails in batch mode
      * bug fix: save subtitles details to resume downloading
      * download video’s default language subtitles if user preferred or locale aren't available
      * do not change language preference if user selects "don’t download" subtitles
      * enable choosing external location (through "storage access framework") as default in settings
      * fix (firebase) crashes on android pie
      * bug fix: wrong default download directory on some android versions
      * display internal file chooser first instead of opening "storage access framework" directly
      * add spanish language
      * revamped settings ui
      * theme: prepare app for dark theme
      * theme: fix bottom sheet system views, buttons, dialogs and other issues
      * display new download location in proper format
      * display title fully in multiple lines on new download screen
      * remove navigation from side bar
      * update 3d and hdr icons, them over thumbnail in dl list
      * hide navigation bar when player is expanded
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      AnimeDLR v3.9.1 [Ad Free]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: AnimeDLR is an app to watch the latest episodes of the best anime in streaming from your Android. The app doesn't host any of the episodes, it just links you to them through several different servers.

      Once you choose a server, you can search for the anime you want and start watching any episode immediately. Stream them, or download them to your device so you can watch them later even without an Internet connection.
      You do need an external player in order to watch the episodes, though. The built-in image gallery in Android is enough to stream them, but you can also use VLC or MX Player.
      AnimeDLR is a great app for anime fans. It lets you watch the latest episodes of your favorite series, directly on your Android. The interface is nice and elegant, and lets you save your favorite series and manage the episodes you download.
       What's New
        Release: 3.9.1
       ● Importing a backup file could crash.
        Release: 3.9.0
       ● MAL sync has been fixed.
       ● Some UI improvements.
       ● Lists updated.
      ● Ads/Analytics Disabled
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Lua Player Pro (HD POP-UP) v2.5.6 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.1+

      ☆ Why do you choose Lua Player as your multimedia player?
      • With re-sizing window and multitasking feature, Lua Player is the most powerful media player on android market. This supports "Real multi-tasking" with "Picture in Picture" mode.
      Lua Player is a free and it plays most multimedia files and various streaming protocols. It is supporting most codec with containers including MP4, AVI and more. File subtitles and online subtitles is supporting and multi-audio selection as well.
      Just enjoy the video and do anything else at the same time with this video player.
      ☆ Main Features
      • Easy to resize and move to any screen positions! Play your videos with game or chatting screen.
      • Can start from external file managers with popup window mode, which is the most beneficial feature among video player apps.
      ★ Beautiful UI & THEMES
      • This supports by far beautiful user experience within limited popup window media player.
      ★ HD PLAYER
      • Supporting high quality videos including 720p, 1080p and more, which depends on hardware and software decoder.
      • 0.3x ~ 4.0x
      • Supporting screen capture and screen rotation during playing video files
      ★ Completely FREE, no spyware.
      • AB Repeat mode and auto-resize subtitle in accordance with window size are supporting. You can control BRIGHTNESS and VOLUMN even current VIDEO POSITION by gesture
      • Very easy to add, delete your favorite Video from local media files and from streaming url
      ★ Support for most video, audio file formats and codec.
      ★ Support for most subtitle file formats with online subtitle.
      ★ Supports network streaming.
      ☆ Video Codecs
      • H.264, H.265, H.263, MPEG4, XVID, VP6, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and etc
      ☆ Audio Codecs
      • AAC, Vorbis, MP3, MP2, WMA and etc
      • Multi-audio selection supported.
      ☆ Network Stream
      • RTSP, RTP, RTMP
      • HTTP
      • MMS
      • HTTP Live Streaming with multiple bit rates (m3u8)
      ☆ Subtitle
      • SAMI(.smi), .ssa/.ass, SubViewer(.sub), Subrip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub)
      • Unicode Multibyte charset supported.
      • Online subtitle supported.
      ☆ Permissions
      • Read phone status an identity: to pause player when receiving incoming calls.
      • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: to delete media files and thumbnails when receiving user action
      • Full network access: To open network streams.
      • View network connections: To see network state.
      • Prevent phone/tablet from sleeping: to prevent your phone or device from sleeping during playback.
      • Draw over other apps: to draw floating window over any position.
      Some of the screens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
      (c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / http://www.bigbuckbunny.org
      Some of the screens are from the Sintel licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
      (c) copyright Blender Foundation | http://www.sintel.org
      WHAT’S NEW
      Update ads
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor v3.1.4 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: A pretty powerful video editor application, which will not stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. With FilmoraGo, making video with music and effects, FilmoraGo helps you make funny videos and relive your memories anywhere. And your amazing video could be easily shared to your friends on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsAPP .ect 

      FilmoraGo IN 3 EASY STEPS
      [1] Select - Photos and videos from gallery, albums, Facebook, or Instagram.
      [2] Create - Pick a Theme, add your favorite Music, Filters, and Titles and even Transitions.
      [3] Share - Save to your gallery, or instantly share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.
      FilmoraGo Key Features
      Mix PHOTO & VIDEO: Fully featured video studio right in your pocket
      • Import photo and video clips
      • Preview clips in Real-time
      • Supports imports from social networking like Facebook and Instagram
      ONE CLICK AMAZINGNESS: Awesome template and effects with a Touch
      • Choose from stylish themes of FilmoraGo
      MUSIC: Find The Perfect Soundtrack or start lip syncing!
      • Add music from FilmoraGo’s library of licensed songs
      • Use music from your own device
      • Square: most popular 1:1 for Instagram
      • Cinema: classic 16:9 for Youtube
      • Play in reverse: create reverse video that looks like a magic trick.
      • Slow down & Speed up: create Multiple Fast or Slow Motions in the Same Video!
      • Transitions: classic transitions such as Dissolve, Wipe, Split, Shutter and Zoom out to combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly
      • Overlays & Filters: surprise your friends with sensational movie effects created from your videos and photos
      • Text & Titles: create beautiful animated messages with the help of our text & titles library,and you can customize the color, size and position
      • Elements: take your video to the next level by adding impressive Still and Motion Graphics.
      • All editing operations can be instantly previewed in WYSIWYG way
      • Reverse play, Trim by Duration, Slow/Fast motion editor, Duplicate, Mute, Rotate, Delete
      • Including Themes, Transitions, Music, Filters, Overlays, Elements, Titles
      • Export HD videos to your gallery at any time
      • Share your works of art to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vimeo, Tumblr and Email etc.
      • FilmoraGo offers support in: English, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Nederland, Arabic,and Chinese (Traditional and simplified)
      WHAT'S NEW
      1. Fixed the privacy policy splash screen issues for some devices;
      2. Bug fixes and improvements ;
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: FULL features Unlocked | Analytics disabled
    • By APK
      YouTube Go v2.03.52
      Requirements: 8.0+
      Overview: Introducing YouTube Go A brand new app to download, enjoy and share videos...bina data udae!

      ✔️️ Find a world of videos: songs, movies, TV shows, comedy, fashion, cooking, how-to’s and many, many more!
      ✔️️ Download and watch your favorite videos
      ✔️️ Instantly sharevideos - no data used to transfer
      ✔️️ Search for any video and discover new videos
      ✔️️ Only 8.5MB app size
      Ab mazze udao, data nahi!
      Control Your Data!
      - Choose to download or stream
      - Preview videos before you download or watch
      - Choose how many MBs you spend on videos
      Share Videos Instantly!
      - Share with friends and family nearby
      - Video transfer uses no data
      - Super fast speed: send videos in seconds
      - Once received, a quick 15KB internet security check allows you to play the video
      Download Videos!
      - Download videos to your phone or SD card
      - Play them without buffering
      - Watch them anytime, anywhere - even with slow or no internet connection
      - Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost
      Super Fast! Less Phone Hang!
      - No more worrying about phone hanging
      - Made to work with less storage and slow speeds
      - Works on older Android versions back to Jellybean (Android 4.1)
      YouTube Go - Maximize your fun without eating up your data!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Introducing the new YouTube Go app - try it now!
      This app has advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
      Android 8.0+
    • By caffeine
      IPTV Pro v4.3.1 [Patched + AOSP]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Watch IPTV from your Internet service provider or free live TV channels from any other source in the web.

      This is the paid version of IPTV app. 
      Pro features (comparing with free version):
      ✔ Ad free
      ✔ Ability to auto-reconnect to streaming server when connection is closed unexpectedly (http streams only).
      ✔ Start app on device boot option, useful for set-top boxes.
      ✔ Auto-play last channel option
      ✔ Extended playlists history
      If you are using VLC to watch TV on your PC then this app is for you.
      ✔ M3U and XSPF playlists support
      ✔ Playlists history
      ✔ Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy need to be installed in your LAN)
      ✔ Ability to auto-reconnect to streaming server when connection is closed unexpectedly (http streams only)
      ✔ Grid or list view of TV channels
      ✔ EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats
      ✔ Start app on device boot option
      Please note that this app doesn't contain any built-in channels. You need to have playlist with TV channels in order to use this app.
      For multicast streams it's recommended to use UDP proxy:
      * for Windows: download and install UDP-to-HTTP proxy from http://borpas.info/download/UdpProxy.exe or check the corresponding option while installing IP-TV Player http://borpas.info/iptvplayer
      * for Linux: install udpxy (http://udpxy.com/index-en.html, http://sourceforge.net/projects/udpxy/)
      * the best solution would be installing udpxy on your WLAN router, this can be done for DD-WRT (http://www.dd-wrt.com) and OpenWrt (https://openwrt.org) firmware
      * some WLAN routers have built-in udpxy in manufacturer's firmware
      Please join translations project at https://crowdin.com/project/iptv/invite if you want to add new or improve existing translation.
      WHAT’S NEW
      Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: No LP or Google Play Mod nedded | AOSP Compatible | Analytics disabled
    • By caffeine
      BubbleUPnP for DLNA / Chromecast / Smart TV v3.2.1 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Stream all your music, videos and photos to various devices in your house

      Stream all your music, videos and photos to various devices in your house:
      • Chromecast
      • DLNA TVs and music receivers from popular TV and HiFi brands
      • gaming consoles
      • local Android playback
      BubbleUPnP can access your media from a lot of sources, including:
      • UPnP/DLNA media servers
      • local media stored on your Android device
      • popular cloud media storage providers
      • media from other apps using Share/Send such as: web browsers, file managers...
      • ...and more!
      BubbleUPnP is a versatile app packed with many features for you to discover, some of which are:
      • extensive Chromecast support: play incompatible Chromecast media with transcoding(*): MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, WTV, RMVB, TS, FLAC, WMA, ..., subtitles with custom appearance, audio/video track selection (*) 
      • fast and secure Internet access to your home media while on the go, from mobile and WiFi networks (*)
      • playback queue, editable playlists, scrobbling, sleep timer, various shuffle modes
      • integrated full screen image viewer and controller
      • play media to your Android device from other devices (renderer functionality)
      • access all local and cloud media from other devices (media server functionality)
      • media download to your SD Card
      • ...and much more!
      (*) Some features are provided by BubbleUPnP Server, an optional software that can be installed on any machine on your local network to provide
      additional services. To learn more about BubbleUPnP Server, visit http://bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver.
      Some features are restricted and can be unlocked by purchasing the BubbleUPnP License app.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - bug fixes (detailed changelog in-app)
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: No Pro key needed | Drive works
    • By caffeine
      Movies 4 Free - Free HD Movies 2018 v7.0.0 [Mod Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: Watch HD Quality Movies.

      Movies 4 Free is the one of the best applications that you can get for free without registration. Watch your favourite movies trailer. 
      Features :
      - HD Quality Movies
      - Save Favourite Movies
      - Download HD Movies
      - All HD Movies Free
      - No Registration
      NOTE: This is an unofficial App. All trademarks and copyrights are protected to their respective owners. The content compiled from various internet sources.
      DISCLAIMER: All copyrights and trademarks are owned by a review of their respective owners. Pictures in this application were collected from all over the web, if we violate copyright, please let us know and will be removed as soon as possible.
      ★★★ MOD Ad-Free ★★★
      Ads removed / disabled
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      SnapTube - YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.57.1.4571001 [Vip]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: SnapTube - The downloader videos and music easier from YouTube.

      MP4 videos are available in resolutions: choose the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition 720 pixels.
      Download any YouTube music video directly as an MP3 file. No extra encoding process or plugin needed. Save space and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.
      Search a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want.
      Explore videos in your favorite categories like Music and Movies. Discover new videos with recommended lists from our curators.
      Pause, cancel or resume a video download. Delete the videos you don't need anymore. Manage all of your video downloads in one place.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Ads removed | No need to install VIP AdBlock | No forced ads on exit
    • By caffeine
      VideoShow - Video Editor, Video Maker with Music v8.2.7rc [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Let’s Create and Spread Some Awesomeness!

      ★VideoShow - Video Editor and Movie Maker App Available
      VideoShow is ranked as the No.1 video editor & video maker app in many countries. It’s the choice of 180 million users! The app has received numerous honors in the app markets, and has gained more than 2,000,000 five-star ratings. It was also included in the list of Best Video Editors.
      ★Treasuring Your Special Moments
      VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. In this user-friendly app, creating a video with photos, music, and other elements is easy and fun. You can even beautify your videos with texts, FX effects, GIFs, stickers, multi-music, photo filters, transitions, sound effects or live dubbing, and most anything you want in a creative and personalized way.
      ★Why VideoShow: Video Editor?
      * In just 3 minutes, your awesome video is ready
      * HD export, no quality loss
      * No Duration Limits
      * Easy-to-use, with a wide variety of functions
      * Hundreds of pieces of free music all fully licensed
      ★Key Features of VideoShow
      * Over 50 elaborate themes available to create an awesome music video instantly.
      * Hundreds of pieces of background music available for you or add local songs from your device.
      * Variety of text styles and fonts to create artistic subtitles are available in this movie maker app.
      * Add stunning filters to make videos different. Now 30+ filters are supported!
      * You can edit/merge/trim/split/reverse/duplicate/rotate clips or videos.
      * Zoom in and out. Let your audience focus on the region you want!
      * Fast motion/slow motion to adjust and control the speed of every video clip.
      * Video dubbing. Add your own voice or sound effects we provide to make the video even cooler.
      * Doodle on video. Bored of the monotonous fonts? Just doodle it! It's so simple and intuitive!
      * Video reverse, video playback to make a funny and creative original video.
      * Blurred background, voice enhancement, and audio speed adjustment features available.
      * Multiple music can be added after pre-defined intervals. You can even record and use your own voice!
      * Square themes and no crop mode are customized for Instagram users.
      * Easy sharing of your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
      * Gif making: make your own funny gifs with pictures you chose
      * Compress Video: You can also reduce the size of your video by compressing it.
      * Video to Mp3: turn the soundtrack of your video into mp3 file.
      * Fantastic Materials Center: Themes/effects/stickers/gif images/memes/emoji/fonts/sound effects/FX, and more. It keeps updating all the time!
      * Support more than 30 languages and almost all devices.
      If you would like to know what people are saying about the VideoShow app, visit our official social media channels: - 
      Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/videoshowapp
      Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/videoshowapp
      Subscribe us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDn_IwV1FHYhfim4ZNTUneA
      Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/videoshowapp
      For more details about our app and privacy policy, visit our website: http://www.videoshowapp.com
      We welcome all types of suggestions and feedback about the app. We listen to everyone and try to make our app as unique as possible with features that eases video editing and movie making. If you have any questions or suggestions related to VideoShow: Video Editor and Movie Maker App feel free to contact us at [email protected]
      WHAT'S NEW
      1. Added a lot of materials, let you quickly make amazing video
      2. Add a variety of music 
      3. Optimize the user interface to make editing videos more convenient
      4. Fix known issues
      ★★★ MOD Premium ★★★
      Premium features Unlocked;
      Ads Removed;
      Sponsored banner layout removed;
      All ads calls from Activity removed;
      Analytics disabled;
      No watermark unlocked;
      Export HD Mode unlocked;
      Export in Animated GIF unlocked;
      Pro Materials stuff unlocked.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Web Video Cast | Browser to TV (Chromecast/DLNA/+) v4.4.4 build 1598 [Premium Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Web Video Caster allows you to watch on your TV videos from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows, live streams of news, sports, and IPTV. It also lets you cast local videos stored on your phone.

      Web Video Caster supports the most popular streaming devices, allowing your TV to stream videos directly from the web.
      • Chromecast
      • Roku
      • DLNA receivers
      • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
      • Smart TVs: LG Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony, and others.*
      • And more
      *If you experience a compatibility issues, contact us and include the brand and model number.
      • HLS live streams in M3U8 format
      • Authenticated videos including movies and TV shows
      • MP4 videos
      • Live news and sports
      • Any HTML5 videos*
      *Your streaming device must be capable of decoding the video you are playing. Web Video Caster doesn't perform any video/audio decoding or transcoding.
      Web Video Caster is a browser, which allows you to stream videos of movies, TV shows, and other media from the internet to a streaming device or smart tv. Web Video Caster grabs the video URL inside the web page, sends it to the streaming device (i.e. Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku), and then plays the video directly from the content provider. This ultimately saves your mobile device’s battery. It also detects subtitles on the web page. Web Video Caster does not host these videos. This is not a mirroring app.
      Web Video Caster is also able to cast local videos stored on your phone or tablet.
      The app will also allow you to download videos for which you have permission to do so. Start the video downloader from the video list screen. File types include MP4, AVI, WEBM. Excludes live streams (M3U8, MPEG-Dash).
      Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to start streaming:
      1. Find a video online that you want to watch.
      2. Make sure this video can play on mobile browsers without Flash.
      3. Connect to your streaming device.
      4. Play the video as you normally would. Or, click the play button on the toolbar.
      • No in-app advertising
      • Bookmarks
      • Home page setting
      • Video history
      • Queue
      • Resume videos
      • Homescreen shortcut
      **This functionality does not apply universally to all streaming devices. Roku does not support resuming or queue.
      As with all apps, there are some limitations we are aware of and want you to know about up front.
      • We are in no way associated with any web media providers and we do not have control over the content they provide.
      • Web Video Caster does not support nor play Flash or FLV videos.
      • The app does not support tab casting, like the Chromecast extension for the PC web browser.
      • We cannot do anything to fix issues that arise on the server side (media content provider) such as failure to play or buffering, which is especially common during heavy load times and weekends.
      • Refunds only issued within 24 hours of purchase and you must submit the order number in text, not a screenshot.
      We are committed to open communication with our users. Please contact us first with any questions or support issues before leaving a review. We will respond and address your concern promptly. Contact us through our user community https://goo.gl/dAE555 or our website http://goo.gl/wjsBpH.
      • Phone state - To allow the pausing of videos on incoming phone call.
      • Wi-Fi connection information - Required for the streaming devices and for the browser.
      • Photos/Media/Files (storage in general) - Required for the download functionality.
      • In-app purchases - For premium version.
      • Wake-lock - To keep phone awake while routing videos through phone. Should only affect live streams and authenticated videos.
      • Accounts/Identity - Required by Google Play Services (7.5+).
      WHAT'S NEW
      Fix for IPTV playlist loading.
      YouTube live streams should work on devices that support M3U8.
      ★★★ MOD Premium ★★★
      PREMIUM features Unlocked;
      All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
      Removed Recommended and Other Apps from menu;
      Anonymous data and Crash reports disabled;
      AOSP compatible;
      Analytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:

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