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Pho.to Lab PRO Photo Editor! v2.1.31 Patched

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Pho.to Lab PRO Photo Editor! v2.1.31 [Paid + Patched]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Enhance your photos with over 640 beautiful frames, effects, filters or montages! Pho.to Lab PRO is an easy, quick and fun photo editor. You don’t need to be a Photoshop ninja to make any photo funny and any portrait beautiful. Just pick a filter, frame or montage to use, then choose which image to process, and that’s it! Pho.to Lab PRO will do all the hard work to let you sit back, relax and get all the honor.



Please note that Pho.to Lab is an Internet-based application. It helps us keep your devices' memory free from tons of resources required to create high-quality artworks of your photos.

Pho.to Lab PRO has something to amend virtually any picture. It’s up to you which of photo editor superpowers to choose:
- photo montages to get your portrait on a vintage postcard or a birthday cake
- photo frames to surround a picture with fantastic landscapes, lifelike scenes or cute cartoon characters
- face in hole effects to become Iron Man, Darth Vader or Mona Lisa
- photo collages to stitch together dozens and hundreds of pictures
- photo filters to add a happy or a nostalgic mood to pictures
- magazine covers to make you an icon of Playboy or Vogue or put you on the cover of Forbes
- text editor to add messages and create greeting cards
- other photo effects such as headwear, celebrity collages, monsters and more!

Some of tools to process your photos which are exclusive to the PRO version include:
- stylized photo effects to make your pictures look like a vintage card or retro film
- artistic filters to turn your photos into elegant drawings or paintings
- human-to-animal montages to give your face to a lion, cat or koala
- background effects to change surrounding of your photo into a dreamlike scenery.

The PRO version is also free of ads and watermarks and processed your photos much faster.

After you process an image with the Pho.to Lab photo editor you can share the result via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks you love. Or you can upload resulting pictures to our servers to get short links and send them as personal messages or emails.

New photo frames and photo filters are added with each update. If you didn't find a particular photo montage or collage, contact the team and you might see it in the next version of Pho.to Lab PRO. We love hearing from our users and we aim to make Pho.to Lab PRO the best photo editor on Google Play!

Pho.to Lab PRO will change your life forever!*
*Pho.to Lab PRO may or may not change your life but you're totally going to love it!


!!! Brings back "+" options on result !!!
Bring the burst of emotions to your photos with this Photo Lab update!
Welcome new “Art Backgrounds” category with mindblowing effects for your portraits. Inspired by the works of the greatest artists we’ve created the set of backgrounds for this category. So start experimenting!
Don’t forget to check out ‘Half-Human Half-Animal’ category. New bright and wild beasts are there for you!
Let the world see the depth of your talent with Photo Lab!

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: NO LP or Google Play Modded needed! | Analytics disabled


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      Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit v24.3 [Pro]
      Requirements: 2.3.3+
      Overview: Create unique images by cutting objects from pictures and pasting them by applying seamless overlay on other photos. 

      Advice. To avoid noticeable seams on the borders of the inserted pictures, try to use objects with transparent structure (water, rainbow, clouds, sand, etc.)
      The application is very simple in use. When you first start to use it, the tips are shown. They will disappear at further use.
      Make any photo into a funny one. Put yourself next to a celebrity or move to any point on the globe by means of photomontage. Swap your face between friends or swap faces with superstars and cute animals.
      Simple to use. Import photos from the photo gallery or find them on the web using image search. Cut what you need, indicate where to paste the pic, and the app will do the rest.
      Tip: In order to make the cuts less visible on the final picture, try to use a background with 'transparent' texture (water, rainbow, clouds, sand etc.).
      Share your funniest image with friends via favorite messengers and social networks.
      WHAT’S NEW
      Several technological fixes 
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions: PRO Features Unlocked
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      StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph v1.0.1 [Premium Mod]
      Requirements: 4.3+
      Overview: StoryZ Photo motion : Create visual stories from still images.
      Make your pictures move and come to life.

      StoryZ Photo motion : Create visual stories from still images.
      Make your pictures move and come to life.
      Create animated Double Exposure Effect with combination of static imagery and overlay video.
      Storyz is a unique app to create and share photo motion art. Bring your photographs to life with user-friendly and simple tools. A Photo animation suite equally suitable for beginners as well as experts. Be a part of a leading photography community and get a chance to gain inspiration from other artists.
      Create amazing visual effects like cinemagraph, double exposed gifs or magical moving portraits.
      It can turn your photo into animated GIF and Animated Double Exposure.
      You can make an Animated Video out of a still image and get amazing animation effects.
      Storyz offers:
      Make your pictures move and come to life and make amazing digital arts!
      Using StoryZ app tools make still images into animated visuals using motion effect on pictures.
      Ripple can animate still images to create amazing animated photographs or digital arts.
      Convert a still picture to amazing video by adding direction pointers.
      • Multiple layers of video, effects, overlays support.
      • Choose your favorite overlay from a large Asset Store.
      • Video Overlay Effects is designed to provide various video overlay effects for editing your favorite photos & videos.
      Blend still images with video to get amazing animation effects.
      Create your video stories blending overlay video on still image.
      You can make an Animated Video from out of a still image and merging a video.
      It can turn your photo into animated GIF and Animated Double Exposure.
      Merge still image with video overlay to create amazing cinemagraphs.
      Merge photo with overlay video, video motion to create amazing visual effects like cinemagraph, double exposed gifs or magical moving portraits.
      Events: One of a kind event corner offers weekly challenges to keep you on your feet. Seek recognition in the StoryZ community!
      Featured: Selected entry is featured daily on the home page. Bring out the hidden artist!
      High Definition: Create, save and share videos in high resolution.
      Drafts: Save multiple drafts in Ripple for future use.
      How to create Ripple Storyz:
      a. Select a picture and crop it your desired size.
      b. Motion point: Add motion points/arrows to give motion to a part of your picture. Arrowhead decides the direction of motion.
      c. Motion series: Motion series is a sequence of equally sized motion points to give consecutive motion to a part of your picture. This feature adds motion to the entire length of the sequence.
      d. Stabilization points: Add stabilization points to prevent a portion of your picture from moving by limiting the effect of dynamic point or series.
      e. Stabilization series: Stabilization series is a sequence of equally spaced stabilization points.
      f. Erase: Swipe your finger across dynamic or stabilization points/series to erase them.
      g. Mask: Use mask in the area where you don’t want the image to move. This can be added using the manual brush/erase.
      h. Tap Play to see your Picture StoryZ.
      How to create Motion Storyz:
      a. Select a picture.
      b. Select any video from your Gallery.
      c. Use magic or manual brush to blend video with the picture.
      d. Tap to Play.
      - You can subscribe StoryZ premium subscription for unlimited access to all features within StoryZ app.
      - Subscriptions are billed monthly, annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.
      - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period.
      - You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase.
      - Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.
      What's New
      New Overlay feature: Make your still images dynamic by adding from a range of overlay effects.
      Notification center: Users will get notified when someone starts following or likes their posts'.
      Grow your community: Find new people and trending hashtags
      Overlay store: Access to the unlimited number of overlay videos and effects.
      Various performance enhancements and UI improvements.
      ★★★ Premium MOD ★★★
      Languages: en, ru
      Platforms: arm7 +
      Optimized application manifest, thoroughly
      Deeply optimized application graphics
      Unlocked PREMIUM: no ads, full functionality
      The analytics collection is blocked, thoroughly
      Modification is untied from Google Services
      Signature changed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credit Alex.Strannik
    • By caffeine
      Photo Touch Art Pro. Photo Edi v35
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Turn photos into paintings easily with painting photo effects!

      Create awesome paintings using deep neural networks! There are many stunning photo filters for your pictures in this cool photo editor!
      With a help of "Photo Touch Art Pro. Photo Editor" you can apply a lot of wonderful picture effects with a touch of your finger: oil painting effect, sketch filter, pop art effect, retro filter, polygon style and many other unusual effects.
      ★ Photo to painting: With deep art effects you can turn photo into art. You’ll find many awesome paintings in this painting photo editor. Convert photo to painting and impress your friends!
      ★ Crop background: automatic photo cropping allows you to easily make interesting effects like background blur or bokeh effect.
      ★ Brush: You can use brush to apply cool filters partially.
      ★ Easy to use: This is a very simple photo editor and it’s easy to use. It provides a wide range of cool photo effects.
      How to change photo into painting?
      1) Pick an image from your gallery or take a shot with your camera.
      2) Choose one of cool photo effects: polygon art effect, pencil sketch filter, oil painting effect, pop art filter, retro photo effect or other.
      3) Get a beautiful painting from photo.
      4) Also you can tune all photo filters to get an ideal result and your images will look like real paintings.
      5) Use a brush to partially apply any photo to painting effect: you can blend several filters, for example, oil painting effect and pencil sketch, or retro photo effect and polygon art.
      6) Use crop background feature to crop portrait from any background and make cool effects like bokeh or background blur.
      7) Share a brilliant photo to painting artwork with your friends!
      This simple photo editor has many awesome photo effects:
      ★ Background blur effect makes your photo look much more awesome.
      ★ Awesome pencil sketch effect to make your photo look like a sketch. Using this cool photo editor you can easily turn your photo into a real pencil sketch!
      ★ Artistic effects. Make your photo look like a color sketch, oil painting or watercolor painting using "Photo Touch Art Pro. Photo Editor" . Oil painting effect can turn your photo into art.
      ★ Retro photo effect. Make your image look old with vintage photo effects and various color filters. There are many cool retro photo filters.
      ★ Polygon art. Transform your images to poly art using special filters for photos.
      ★ Pop art effect. Create wonderful artworks with cool photo effects such as pop art.
      If you enjoy this photo editor, please, honestly rate "Photo Touch Art Pro. Photo Editor" on Google Play and give us your review. If you don’t like something, please, let us know about! We really appreciate your support!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Easy Photo Premium - Edit & Effect v6.1.1
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: ****** More than 30 photo effects for your choices *******
      ****** Photo Editor and Easy Photo ***** New **** Very Lite (<4Mb)
      ****** No Ads*********
      ****** No logo marked ******

      You can express your creation through your mobile phone. This app is designed to help you doing that.
      We bring to you a very lite and professional photo editor. 
      With Easy Photo Premium app, you can apply many great image effect as :
      - Basic color effect: Brightness Contrast, Hue Saturation, RGB chanel, gray, black white picture, ...
      - Advance photo effect : Blur background image, zoom blur, motion blur, paint simulation, sepia, cartoon simulation, ...
      - Gradient mode help you custom your effect
      - Special effect (in premium version) : splash effect, emboss, hatch, levels, art group effect, effect for beauty, glass simulation, ...
      You can not only apply effect to the whole picture but also work on selected area of your picture. It will make your image is very impressive.
      ********* Feature ************
      - Zoom and move your picture white editing
      - Detect area you want to apply effect.
      - App effect to your selected area
      - Modify your effect area : using gradient mode, expand it or clear it a bit to make your picture more real
      - Save your picture to your phone storage and share your picture to facebook, other apps,...
      ********* How to use app **********
      - Load image from your gallery
      - Draw egde of area you want to apply effect
      - Select your area by touching
      - Apply and custom your effect on selected area
      - Modify your effect : expand it, clear effect or make effect gradient.
      - Save, share your result picture.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      No Crop Pro v2.1.1.3
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: If you are tired of cropping images No Crop is the best way to square your photos quickly. Now you will be able to post photos FULL SIZED without cropping! 

      Create beautiful profile pictures with awesome blurred backgrounds. You can choose the background of your pic using blur, or colors button. Also you can rotate, add stickers, add emoji and custom backgrounds you want. Get the results you want, and save it.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Water Reflection Ad-Free v2.5
      Requirements: 4.3 and up
      Overview: This is the Ad-Free version of Water Reflection. 

      Great realistic water reflection effects on your photos!
      This is an easy-to-use app to make you an artist by creating realistic water reflection of your photos. 
      Features include:
      1. Create water reflection of your photos, from either Gallery or Camera.
      2. Water ripple is adjustable.
      3. Both horizontal mirror and vertical reflection are supported with water ripple.
      4. Multiple photo editing options. You are provided with useful and quick manipulations of your photos, such as drawing, saturation adjustment, filter effects, etc.
      5. Save and share pics from inside the app.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Pop Art Studio Pro v3.0
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Pop Art Studio is a versatile program that allows users to perform all the typical image-editing functions and many cool extras, as well. 

      Pop Art Studio is a versatile program that allows users to perform all the typical image-editing functions and many cool extras, as well. There is no easier way to get familiarized with certain artistic practices than by actually testing and reproducing their main features by yourself. Regarding that, Pop Art Studio is a helpful application that comes to guide and ease your creativity.
      POP ART
      Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Ten Marilyns, Che Guevara, Mao, Mercedes, Self Portrait, Speed Skater, Brooklyn Bridge, Sachiko, Guns, Yes We Can, Coca Cola, Martini, Pop Art Girls, Neon Glow.
      Extrude, Woven Photo, 3D Shattering, Salvador Dali - Galatea of the Spheres, Pixelate, Bas Relief, Relief Map, Sands of Time, Frosted Glass, Sliding Puzzle, Urban Ink, Psychedelic, Vignette, Holga, Oil Painting, Mondriaan, Mosaic, Color Splash, Black and White, Stencil (Threshold), Negative, Posterize, Neon Glow, Colorize, Gradient Colorization, Polaroid, PIP, Single Photo Collage, Big Picture, Stack of Polaroids, Droste Effect, Valentine Stripes, Fifties, Rays, Stripes, Retro Circles, Techno Dots, Honeycomb Pattern, Mirror, Tile Reflection, Water Reflection, Wet Floor Reflection, Clouds, Fire, Stars, Snow, Water drops, Frames, Distortion and 3D effects.
      • 50 Photo Grids to choose from
      • Take pictures or import photos from your photo library
      • Add Pop Art and artistic effects to your collage
      • Solid and gradient fill, Shadow.
      • Multiple Outlines (Multiple Stroke effect).
      • 3D and Glow effect.
      • Multiple fonts.
      • Solid and gradient fill, Shadow.
      • Multiple Outlines, 3D and Glow effect.
      • Basic Shapes, Arrows, Stars, Crosses, Hearts, Various
      • Animals, Christmas, Comic, Emoticons, Flowers, Food, Beards, Kids, Scribbles, Web, ZAP!
      • Square, rounded, oval, and spikey (scream) speech balloons.
      • Thought Bubbles containing the text of the thought.
      • The bubble tail can be moved independently from the bubble.
      • Smaller circles, normal, curled, jagged, and double tails.
      • Hats, Hair, Eyes, Face, Party, Romance, Summer, Halloween, Christmas,
      • Minecraft (Steve, Zombies, Creepers, Spider, heads, animals, tools, clouds)
      • Color Splash, Effect Brush (History Brush), Magic Pen, Clip Art cutout.
      • Resize, Canvas Size, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Rotate by Angle, Drop Shadow, Multiply.
      • Eraser, Pencil, Lines, Polylines, Polygons.
      • Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Red/Green/Blue/Alpha, CMYK.
      • Gaussian Blur, Zoom Blur, Motion Blur, Spin Blur.
      • Add Noise, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, Edge Preserving Smooth.
      • Multi Color Gradients, Linear Gradients, Radial Gradients, and Canonical Gradients.
      • Eye-dropper, Color-Picker tool, and default Color Palette.
      • Rectangular and circular selections.
      • Copy and Paste pictures and selected area's of the picture.
      • Insert pictures into your drawing (Layers).
      • Adjust opacity and position, apply effects to inserted picture.
      • Undo and Redo your last action, reload picture.
      • Randomize text and effect parameters, reset to default values.
      • Full alpha transparency support (PNG file format).
      • High resolution pictures, 1800 (small memory devices) up to 4000 pixels.
      • Save and Share your picture.
      Designed to run on mobile phones and tablets.
      WHAT’S NEW
      App now targets API level 26 (Android Oreo) to ensure that users benefit from significant security and performance improvements.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Pic Splitter for Instagram v2.0.1
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Use Pic Splitter to split your photos into grids for Instagram. This is an essential photo app for your collection and will give your Instagram profile a professional look! 

      This pro version has no ads whatsoever, so you can create your photos uninterrupted.
      This app allows you to split a photo and generate a grid of photo tiles which contain portions of the larger photo. Upload the generated tiles to Instagram to create the illusion of massive photos on your profile page. 
      Purpose of the app:
      - Create photos that span your whole Instagram profile feed (up to 3x3 size)
      - Tile photos together to create a larger photo in your profile grid
      Features include: 
      - Choose any grid pattern by selecting and deselecting tiles
      - Pinch and zoom to scale and crop your photos
      - Drag to position photo in the desired area of the grid
      - Set a background color
      - Add stylish frames to your creations
      - Select a tile size to scale your photos (high quality export)
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Arto: f.infrared photo v3.2
      Requirements: 4.4 and up 
      Overview: Arto: oil painting is a photo effect app that paints your photo into stylish oil painting using digital drawing and lighting techniques. 

      Arto: oil painting is a photo effect app that paints your photo into stylish oil painting using digital drawing and lighting techniques. The artistic painting effect provided by Arto: oil painting will turn any photographer into a skilled oil painter instantly.

      Arto: oil painting transforms regular photos into exquisite oil painting using our innovative digital drawing and lighting algorithm. Our algorithm is performance optimized and generates stunning oil-painted photos in real-time on your mobile devices.
      Arto supports extensive and professional photo effect adjustments. A small set of built-in presets are provided for quick and easy photo processing. Users can easily build a personal preset library with Arto's dynamic and highly customizable photo effects.
      Arto adopts professional style photo processing workflow. With our streamline workflow, users can focus on the photo and the effect without the complexity of the user interface.
      Arto imports the photo in three preferred resolutions: basic size (800p, 1024p or 1280p depending on the hardware capability), screen size, and original size (bound by the hardware capability); and exports the aftereffect in qualities of three preferred uses: share, print and lossless.

      With Arto, every effect is unique and every photo you recreate is personal!
      Arto, the photo artist, makes your photo simply beautiful.
      To create nature and artistic photo effect, Arto demands high level computing resource. Slow rendering reaction might be experienced on entry level devices.
      WHAT’S NEW
      Internal improvement and bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Manual Flash Calculator (Pro) v1.1.0
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Manual Flash Calculator (Professional Edition) provides a handy utility for accurately determining flash-subject distance. It's quick and easy to use for tricky lighting situations and backgrounds, where TTL auto-flash can often struggle.

      This app requires no special device permissions, or network connectivity.
      Key Features:
      • Aperture range F/1.2 to F/22
      • ISO range ISO50 to ISO6400
      • Flash output ratios to 1/256 power
      • Flash exposure compensation to 5 EV
      • Unlimited number of flash configurations
      • Zoom support for unlimited guide settings
      • Power increments in 1/3, 1/2 or Full stops
      • Macro closeup distances (in and cm)
      • Pre-loaded with popular flash models
      Set the guide number/zoom coverage, power-ratio limit, power adjustment interval, and guide number units for each of your flash units. (You can find this information from the guide number table in your flash user manual).
      Configure profiles for an unlimited number of flash units and save them for quick and easy use. Your last used settings for each flash profile are retained between uses.
      Delete, edit or rename any of the pre-configured or user-added flash profiles at any time. Create profiles for both imperial and metric GN values.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      FlyToDiscover - Bebop v1.4.7
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Fly to Discover allow you to control your Parrot® Bebop, Bebop 2, FTD300X and Super300 thanks to fabulous functions such as:

      Main features:
      - PANORAMA create fabulous 360° picture with your Bebop
      - MULTIMEDIA for managing your bebop memory
      - VOICE CONTROL to control your bebop with your voice (available soon)
      - Translated in English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Romanian
      - Integrated 2D simulator to fly even when the weather does not allow it. You can familiarize yourself with all the functions of FTD without reading boring manual and without having to connect your Bebop.
      - Control via analog sticks for precise driving experience at all times
      - Simple and intuitive graphics, cockpit customizable pull-down menus and draggable items
      - Compatible with Parrot SkyController and SkyController 2
      - Magnetometer calibration tool for Bebop and SkyController
      - Detailed picture settings menu for optimum results
      - Dynamic charts in real time: battery, altitude, speed and distance
      - Photo mode (DNG, JPEG 4: 3, 16: 9, Fisheye), Video mode, Time Lapse, Photo Panoramic 360°
      - Map mode with FPV box
      - Localization Bebop compared to the pilot (Radar)
      - Follow Me Mode (Bebop follow you at a distance and height adjustable) with block angle (Bebop follow you at the same angle)
      - Orbit Me (Bebop will make a circle around you at a distance and adjustable speed)
      - Flight time and time of video recording
      - Return to home in case of radio signal loss or pressing appropriate button
      - Selection of piloting modes: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4
      - Selection of flight parameters: maximum inclination, tilt speed, maximum vertical speed, maximum rotation speed
      - Selection of banked turn
      - Warning messages with vibration (optional)
      - Selection of flight limits: max altitude and max distance
      - Pause time before RTH
      - RTH location: takeoff or pilot
      - Network settings: change your Bebop name, changing country, auto or manual band (2.4GHz-5GHz), wi-fi channel with free channels and setting wi-fi password to make sure your Bebop
      - Function VR with deactivation video stabilization of Pitch and Roll for a VR experience even more real (available soon)
      - Band, channel and name selection of SkyController
      - Compatible with wired and Bluetooth Controller
      - Move the framing of Bebop dragging two fingers on the screen
      - Automatic recording of all flights, and section to review all the details
      - Function Find my drone, in case you lost your drone you can easily find it again with this function
      - Successfully Tested with wi-fi extender
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Sliidr v1.1
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Crop your favorite photos into sliding posts for Instagram. Mirror, rotate, and pinch to zoom. Choose between the classic square format sliding post, or full frame vertical 8x10 sliding format.

      WHAT’S NEW
      Minor update
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Pro 3D Live Gallery v1.2
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Pro 3D Live Gallery was developed for Android users.

      ✓3-Dimensional photo albums
      ✓You can Crop your photos
      ✓Grid view
      ✓Portray photos or videos according to date, location and even picture coloring.
      ✓You can set it as lock screen
      ✓Good videos
      ✓Find out where and when the photo is taken.
      ✓Share your photos on social networks
      ✓Film strip appearance
      ✓ Slide show mode
      ✓You can set your photos as white paper
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Rawzor Fix Photo v2.0.70 (Paid)
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Time to say goodbye to all your photos that are blurry, noisy, very dark, very bright, or with wrong colors. Now you can fix your photos within seconds. Get back those nice pictures that you always wanted.

      WHAT’S NEW
      • Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Portrait Photography Poses Pro v1.1.4
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Portrait Photography Poses Pro

      Pocket Poser™ Pro - Portrait Photography Posing and Modeling App Includes:
      ★ Access to over 400 professional portrait photography poses of men and women.
      ★ Detailed instructions and best practices on portrait photography, posing and lighting.
      ★ Access to 12 in-depth guides on portrait photography, lighting and posing.
      ★ Access to Lightroom workflow, vintage and split toning presets for portraits and weddings.
      ★ Crisp thumbnails and full size images demonstrating each pose.
      ★ Poses are sortable by category so you can quickly find specific styles.
      ★ Favorite poses can be saved and reviewed separately.
      ★ Regular content updates. New poses added via in-app updates.
      ★ All posing content is available offline. Once installed, you can use Pocket Poser™ anywhere.
      ★ Compatibility with over 10,000 Android smartphones and tablets.
      Like Us? Hit the +1 Button. Please!
      Note: New step-by-step posing instructions are periodically added via in-app updates.
      Learn More About Pocket Poser™ Pro
      Pocket Poser™ Pro is a posing guide for smartphones and tablets featuring over 400 professional poses of men and women. Descriptive "how-to" posing info accompany many of the poses describing step-by-step how the pose was constructed and common mistakes to avoid. Beginner and experienced photographers as well as those interested in modeling will find Pocket Poser™ Pro a valuable resource.
      Portrait poses of men and women are carefully separated into categories and favorite poses can be star rated and reviewed separately. In-depth guides are included covering a variety of topics related to posing, lighting, image processing and portrait photography.
      Why Should You Use Pocket Poser™ Pro?
      Many portrait photographers struggle with building visually dynamic, creative poses. To complicate things even further, not all poses work well with every person or body type. “Everyday” clients and professional models look to the photographer for guidance on posing and presentation.
      Most people need some direction on how to stand, what to do with their hands and feet and how to present themselves in front of the camera. As a portrait photographer, it’s up to you to lead the session. Your confidence and ability as a photographer sets the tone for each portrait session and has a huge impact on the quality of the final images.
      Whether you install Pocket Poser™ Pro on your smart phone or tablet, you'll always have a convenient resource on hand to help you succeed as a portrait photographer.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:

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